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Inversions of Primary Triads
Triad inversion is discussed in Basic Music (TC 12-41/ NAVEDTRA 10244). Inversions
are used to give the Bass voice smoothness and variety. Voice leading may differ from that
described for root position primary triads; however, objectionable motion must still be

First inversion primary triads require no new doubling rules. Figured bass for triads in first inversion with the:

FIGURE 6.1: Doubled Root Figuring for First Inversion

FIGURE 6.2: Doubled Fifth Figuring for First Inversion

FIGURE 6.3: Doubled Third Figuring for First Inversion
root tripled and fifth omitted is This voicing is rarely used and should be avoided

FIGURE 6.4 Tripled Root Figuring for First Inversion


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