Quantcast Procedures for Throwing

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For greater accuracy and range, you should throw the grenade like a baseball, using the throwing motion most natural to the individual. It is important to grip the

grenade properly. Figure 3-115 shows the proper position of the grenade before pulling the safety pin. First, cradle the grenade in the fingers of the throwing hand. Hold the safety lever down firmly under the thumb between the tip and first finger joint. In this way, the grenade fits snugly into the curved palm of your hand, giving you a firm, comfortable grip but do not relax your thumb pressure on the safety lever until you throw the grenade.

The first steps in grenade throwing are to develop good throwing habits and several throwing positions. Four throwing positions are recommended: (1) standing, (2) kneeling, (3) prone, and (4) crouch.

The procedures for throwing from the standing position are as follows:

1. Stand half-facing the target with your weight balanced equally on both feet. Hold the grenade chest high, using-the correct grip (fig. 3-116, view 1).

Figure 3-115.-Proper way to grip the hand grenade.

Figure 3-116.-To throw from the standing position.

2. Pull the pin with a twisting, pulling motion. Cock your throwing arm to the rear (view 2).

3. Throw the grenade with a free and natural motion. As it leaves your hand, follow through by stepping forward with your rear foot (view 3). Observe the point for probable strike, then duck your head to avoid fragments or other effects.

4. Recover, then resume the original standing position.

FM 23-30 explains the proper steps to be taken when using any of the other positions.


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