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Figure 3-62 shows the grenade cartridges used with the M14 and M16A1 rifles when firing the line-throwing projectile. The larger of the two is the M64 (7.62-mm) cartridge used with the M14 rifle, while the smaller is the M195 (5.56-mm) cartridge used with the M16A1 rifle. Besides the difference in overall size, the cartridges can be identified by looking at, or by feeling, their crimped ends; the M64 is five-pointed and the M195 is seven-pointed. Only one cartridge should be loaded into the rifle at a time, and it should not be loaded until at the rail, just before firing, with the rifle pointing outboard in a safe direction. No cartridge other than those designated should ever be used to fire a line-throwing projectile.

Figure 3-61.-Mk 87 Mod 1 kit on M14 rifle. 3-32

Figure 3-62.-Grenade cartridge. SHOT LINE

The nylon shot line comes in spools (fig. 3-63). The line is approximately 550 feet long and has a tensile strength of 125 pounds. It is wound around a wooden spindle in such a way that prevents fouling the line when the projectile is fired. The line is colored international orange and is treated with a water-repellent solution to make the line buoyant enough to float on the surface at least 24 hours.


On the M14 rifle, the spindle valve must be in the CLOSED (slot parallel to the barrel) position (see fig. 3-61) when firing the line-throwing projectile.


This position of the spindle valve is described as being in the OFF (horizontal) position in the first part of this chapter and in the TM9-1005-223-10.

On the M16A1 rifle, the flash suppressor must be removed and the launcher screwed onto the end of the barrel. To prevent damage to the launcher and/or the threads on the barrel, leave the lock washer that is located between the suppressor and barrel in place.

Figure 3-63.-Shot line.


When firing the line-throwing projectile from the applicable rifle, elevate and aim the rifle over and across the designated target. Although the projectile is made of rubber, it has enough velocity to cause injury. The rifle should be kept elevated until the projectile reaches its target to prevent line entanglement,

In the event of a misfire or hangfire, wait 10 seconds before ejecting the grenade cartridge. Malfunctions of cartridges should be reported according to OPNAVINST 5102.1.

The maximum reliable range of the line-throwing projectile is approximately 90 yards when fired from the M14 rifle and approximately 85 yards when fired from the M16A1 rifle. These ranges are dependent upon having a dry shot line. A wet line can be used when a dry line is not available, but it will cause the range to be reduced. 'Fable 3-2 provides the approximate range data for firing from the M14 and M16A1 rifles.


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