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Care should be used when removing the recoil spring and spring guide. Because of the amount of compression, the assembly will be released under spring tension and could cause possible injury to personnel, or become damaged or lost.

Figure 3-12.-Disassembly lever.

Figure 3-13.-Removal of slide and barrel assembly.

Figure 3-14.-Compressing the recoil spring.

Firmly hold the slide in the palm of one hand and slightly compress the recoil spring and spring guide (fig. 3-14), while at the same time lifting and removing the recoil spring and spring guide (fig. 3-15). Care should be taken to allow the spring tension to be released. After the spring tension is released, separate the recoil spring from the spring guide (fig. 3-16).

Figure 3-15.-Removing the recoil spring and spring guide.

Figure 3-16.-RecoiI spring and spring guide.

To remove the barrel from the slide, push in on the locking block plunger (fig. 3-17) while pushing the barrel forward slightly. Lift and remove the locking block and the barrel assembly from the slide.

Once the pistol is disassembled, look for worn or damaged parts while cleaning and before assembly. For more information on the M9 pistol, refer to Navy SW 370-AA-OPI-010/9mm.


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