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MK 15 MOD 0 VLS CANISTER.- The Mk 15 Mod 0 canister houses the Anti-Submarine Rocket (ASROC) missile (fig. 2-40). The canister internal and external components are the same as the Mk 13 Mod 0.

Figure 2-40.-Mk 15 Mod 0 canister.

Figure 2-41.-Mk 19 Mod 0 canister.

MK 19 MOD 0 VLS CANISTER- The Mk 19 Mod 0 canister is used for missile strikedown training (fig. 2-41). The Mk 19 canister is painted blue, rather than the normal white, and stenciled with the word "TRAINING." The canister contains a weighted and balancedbeamto simulate a Mk 13 Mod 0 canister. One canister is carried onboard all VLS ships.

MK 21 MOD 0 VLS CANISTER- The Mk 21 Mod 0 canister houses the SM-2 Block IV, extended range (ER) surface-to-air-missile (SAM) (fig. 2-42). Unlike other canisters, this is a single use canister. Dorsal fin flyout guides, booster guide rails, and booster guide cradles provide alignment for the missile during launch. A longitudinal restraint clamp is held secure to the booster until missile launch.

Figure 2-42.-Mk 21 Mod 0 canister. 2-53

Handling Equipments

We will limit our discussion of the many types of handling equipments to the following items:

1. Handling bands

2. Mk 6 missile transfer dolly

3. Mk 100 guided missile stowage adapter

4. Mk 20 stowage cradle

5. Hoisting beams

6. Mk 8 dolly loading stand

7. Mk 45 handlift truck

8. Forklift trucks; general purpose

As you will soon see, these equipments are very versatile and, in many cases, multipurpose. Certain items are adaptable for handling any type of SMS missile. Each item listed above can be used at sea and ashore.

Be aware that there are numerous regulations governing the safe use of ordnance handling equipment. Any gear used to lift ammunition and explosives must be subjected to rigorous maintenance, inspection, and testing requirements. Equipments that have satisfactorily passed specified weight load tests will be marked to indicate safe working load limits and certification dates. Further details and guidance concerning handling equipment testing and certification are found in Ammunition Afloat, NAVSEA OP 4, and Ammunition Ashore, NAVSEA OP 5.


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