Quantcast Glossary (Continued)

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Q-D- Quantity-Distance.

QUAL/CERT- Explosives-Handling Personnel Qualification Certification Program.

RANGE WIND- The wind that blows along the LOF, either with or against the projectile.

READY-SERVICE STOWAGE- Ammunition stowage facilities in the immediate vicinity of the weapon served.

READY-SERVICE MAGAZINES- Spaces physically convenient to the weapons they serve; they provide permanent stowage for part of the ammunition allowance.

RESERVOIRS- Used to dissipate heat, remove contamination, separate air, and store fluid in hydraulic systems.

RFI- Radio frequency interference.

RFI- Ready for issue.

ROLL- The rotation of a missile about the longitudinal axis.

ROTATING BAND- The circular band made of commercially pure copper, copper alloy, or plastic seated in a scored cut in the after portion of the projectile body.

RSR- Ready service rings.

SEPARATE-LOADING AMMUNITION- Ammunition that is gun sizes 8 inches and larger.

SEPARATED AMMUNITION- Ammunition that consists of two units-the projectile assembly and cartridge assembly.

SERVO PRESSURE- Hydraulic fluid pressure ranging from 400 to 500 psi.

SHIP BASE PLANE (SBP)- The basic plane of origin and is perpendicular to the CRP and includes the base line of the ship.

SIGHT DEFLECTION- The angle that the plane through the gun bore is deflected left or right from the LOS.

SIGHT ANGLE- The difference between the LOF and LOS and measured perpendicular to the trunnion axis.

SLIP RING- Provides a continuous electrical connection between the cabling of the stationary structure of the gun mount or launcher and a rotary joint for the cooling system piping.

SMALL ARMS- Any firearm with a caliber (cal.) of .60 inch or smaller and all shotguns.

SMS- Surface missile system.

STREAM- Standard tensioned replenishment alongside method.

SUPERCHARGE PRESSURE- Hydraulic fluid pressure up to 150 psi.

SUSTAINED RATE OF FIRE- The average number of rounds fired per minute with the number of minutes this rate can be sustained without damage to the weapon.

TDD- Target detection device.

THRUST- The force that propels the missile forward at speeds sufficient to sustain flight.

USCG- United States Coast Guard.

VAC- Volts of alternating current.

VDC- Volts of direct current.

VERTREP- Vertical replenishment by helo to ship.

VISCOSITY- The measurement of internal resistance to flow of fluids.

VLA- Vertical launch asroc.

VLA- Vertical launching system.

WARHEAD- The payload of the missile.

WCS- Weapons control system.

WDS- Weapons direction system.

WEAPON CONTROL REFERENCE PLANE (WCRP)- This plane is established during initial construction and used during alignment verification.

YAW- The turning of a missile about the vertical axis.


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