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Because of the complexity of the day-to-day operations of a ship, you should pay careful attention to the scheduling of training evolutions. A short-range training plan enables your unit to anticipate how much training can actually be accomplished, based upon the planning for short periods of time in the future. Initially, the short-range training is developed at PB4T, but the plan is carried out at all levels of training within the unit. Basically, the short-range training plan encompasses the quarterly, monthly, and weekly training plans.

Quarterly Training Plan

During the Planning Board for Training of the last month of a quarter, the training officer should distribute copies of the Quarterly Employment Schedule to all of the board members. This schedule provides information about the ship's operational commitments, such as deployments and overhaul periods. Using it as a planning guide, the PB4T develops broad unit training plans for the upcoming quarter. The purpose of this quarterly training plan is to inform the individual training groups of any unit plans that may affect the scheduling of training group evolutions. Once the quarterly plan has been developed for the whole unit, department heads then insert any additional departmental plans or evolutions and distribute the plan to the groups within their respective departments. The scheduling of any training during periods of less than a quarter in length should be accomplished at the

Figure 13-22.-Long-Range Training Plan.

Figure 13-23.-Quarterly Training Plan.

Figure 13-24.-Monthly Training Plan. 13-34

departmental level. Figure 13-23 shows a Quarterly Training Plan that might be used aboard ship.

Monthly Training Plan

Using the quarterly training plan as a guide, each training group (or work center) submits a proposed monthly training plan to their cognizant department head. This schedule should be provided to the department head no later than the last week of the month. It should indicate what training is to be conducted during the following month, on what days it will be held, and who will conduct the training. The department head receives the monthly plans from all of the groups within his of her department. They serve as his or her primary input for the scheduling of training at PB4T. The monthly training plan for an engineering division is shown in figure 13-24, but remember that this schedule is also maintained at the department and unit levels.


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