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Field Calibration Activity (FCA)

The Field Calibration Activity (FCA) segment of the Navy calibration program was established to extend calibration-support capability to selected ships and shore activities to ensure the accuracy and reliability y of electronic test and measuring equipment. It also permits users to calibrate certain items of their own low-accuracy, high-volume electronic test equipment.

A complete FCA consists of suitable working spaces, field calibration packages, trained personnel, and the necessary support documentation, such as the Metrology Requirements List (METRL) and instrument calibration procedures (ICPs). The ICPs are provided as maintenance requirement cards and as NAVAIR 17-20 VQ series procedures.


The preceding section explained the calibration echelons established for calibration of test equipment. Now let's take a look at an important calibration program called the Metrology Automated System for Uniform Recall and Reporting (MEASURE) Program.

The MEASURE Program is an automated data processing system designed to provide a standardized system for the recall and scheduling of test equipment into calibration facilities. It was developed to support the Department of the Navy's Metrology and Calibration (METCAL) Program in an effort to ensure that all equipment requiring calibration and servicing is submitted to a calibration activity on a timely basis and thus is maintained to a maximum level of efficiency and dependability. In addition, the system provides documentation of actions performed by the calibration activity.

The initial cycle of MEASURE begins with the completion of the inventory forms for equipment held by an activity (fig. 13-11). These forms are forwarded to the cognizant MEASURE data processing facility (DPF) to establish the data base. The activity holding the test equipment is then provided a printed inventory and a set of preprinted Metrology Equipment Recall and Report (METER) cards (fig. 13-12). The MEASURE cycle is completed when the cognizant METCAL representative provides recall schedules to the activity holding the test equipment and to the concerned calibration activities. As equipment is gained or lost, more inventory forms and METER cards are processed or deleted, the database is kept current, and the system continues to cycle,

Through the submission of METER cards, each activity must promptly update its recorded inventory; that is, the inventory data maintained in the computer data base by the MEASURE Operational Control Center (MOCC) and the Control Data Base Facility (CDBF), Concord, California. In this manner, calibration requirements can be projected in enough time to permit their incorporation into the next recall schedule. If the inventory is not updated promptly, new activity items will have to be rescheduled or be submitted to a calibration activity for unscheduled calibration upon prior approval of the cognizant METCAL authority.

The MEASURE Program provides management personnel with a wide variety of valuable information on fleet readiness, budget and funding information, and calibration problems.

MEASURE products and formats have been designed to meet the information requirements of several levels of management. Many MEASURE formats are forwarded automatically by the MOCC or CDBF to the activities on a regular basis. Such distribution is based upon the type and level of those activities and upon established requirements. Others, however, are available only upon the receipt of an approved request from the cognizant METCAL authority. Accordingly, activities needing a particular format that is not being received automatically should forward the requirement to the cognizant METCAL authority for approval. Any such request should include a justification of the need for the format and a statement indicating the frequency at which the format is required.

Just as the 3-M Systems generate automated data and reports, so also does the MEASURE Program. The. following MEASURE products are distributed automatically to activities by the MOCC and/or CDBF at the intervals shown below:

Figure 13-12.-OPNAV Form 4790/58, MEASURE METER Card.

For detailed information on the "MEASURE program (including the above listed formats), refer to the Metrology Automated System for Uniform Recall and Reporting (MEASURE) User's Manual, OPNAV 43P6A, commonly called the MEASURE User's Manual.


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