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Whether you are on a small or large ship, some type of division technical library for technical pubs, reference pubs, training pubs, arid handbooks should exist. The tech library should also have at least one up-to-date copy of each applicable equipment and system technical manual.

As with other publications, you should have a master inventory of the tech library publications. The publication record and inventory card, OPNAV 5070/11 (fig. 13-2), will help the tech library petty officer keep track of publications (issued, on hand, and soon). When changes to publications arrive, you can consult the record cards for the location and quantity of publications requiring changes. Using this card, you can ensure that all publications held receive changes as they should.

Figure 13-2.-Publication Record and Inventory Card (5x7), OPNAV 5070/11.]

As publications become unusable because of extensive wear and damage, order new publications (and changes) to replace them. Issue these replacements to work center personnel as necessary. To avoid confusion, ensure that the old publications are discarded or destroyed after the new replacement publications have been received. Be sure to follow applicable security requirements when discarding or destroying a publication.

Several methods can be used in maintaining a tech library. NWP-0 and Naval Air Systems Command Technical Manual Program (NAVAIR 00-25-100) contain guidelines for maintaining major technical libraries. Applicable sections of these manuals may provide guidance you can adapt to your local situation.

At least one petty officer should be assigned to maintain the ready reference library (technical library) of your division. A second person should be assigned as a backup so that your tech library will stay current if the assigned librarian is absent.

Another problem of maintaining publications is that of keeping them updated. Of real help to you will be the Navy Stock List of Publications and Forms, NAVSUP 2002, and the Ships Technical Publications System (STEPS) products.


NAVSUP 2002 is a master set of microfiche, issued quarterly, that lists most Navy publications and forms. Each edition supersedes and replaces the previous edition in its entirety. The NAVSUP 2002 contains three major sections: . Forms . Publications l Naval technical directives

This microfiche set provides data, such as canceled, canceled-no superseding stock numbers, canceled-incorporated in basic stock number, "replace by" information, and effective dates.


The Ships Technical Publications System (STEPS) is also a master set of microfiche. Several STEPS data products are distributed that contain information concerning technical documentation supporting the following general documents:

Ships selected records

Ships electronics

Hull, mechanical, and electrical (HM&E) and ordnance systems

Equipment under the cognizance of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)

Equipment under the cognizance of Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR)


The Publication Applicability List (PAL) is one of the products of STEPS. This microfiche set is intended to assist in determining the publication needs of the ship or shore station to which it applies. It is an important tool in identifying the technical manual that you need. The PAL applies to NAVSEA and NAVELEX (SPAWAR) technical manuals for systems and equipments reported to be installed on your ship. It is not a list of publications required for your ship but is a list of publications that apply to your ship. The PAL lists technical manuals two ways-by equipment name and by publication number. If you know one, you can get the other, as well as the publication title of the technical manual. The PAL is organized into four

separate volumes, matching the categories of technical manuals aboard ship. These volumes/categories are as follows:

Vol. 1. General Publications

Vol. 2. Electronics

Vol. 3. Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical

Vol. 4. Weapons

Volume 1 is not equipment oriented and is in publication number sequence only. Volumes 2, 3, and 4 have two parts so that you can lookup technical manuals either by equipment name or by technical manual publication number.


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