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LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Describe the fire control systems currently in use.

Several fire control systems (FCSs) are currently in use aboard U.S. Navy ships. The most modern of these is the AEGIS weapon system. AEGIS is a complete system, incorporating all the elements of a weapon system. It is included here in the control section because of the unique advancements it uses in the integration of control systems. We will provide a basic description of the AEGIS system, the Mk 34 GWS, the Mk 86 GFCS, and the Mk 92 FCS. These systems represent the most modern fire control capabilities in the world and should be in our inventory well into the next century.


The AEGIS weapon system is a fast-reaction, high-performance, computer-controlled system that uses a multipurpose radar to detect contacts in all directions. It is the only system in the free world that can detect, track, and engage multiple threats while maintaining continuous surveillance from horizon to zenith, AEGIS is the first system in the Navy to be capable of a fully automatic reaction to intense air warfare.

AEGIS is equipped with embedded computercontrolled tests that continuously monitor the system to detect equipment failures. When a failure is detected, the system automatically reconfigures using backup systems to keep the system operational. These features make AEGIS the most reliable system in the fleet.

The AEGIS weapon system Mk 7, as shown in figure 10-10, is made up of the following nine elements:

1. AN/SPY-1 Radar

2. Command and Decision (C&D) System

3. Weapons Control System (WCS)

4. Fire Control System (FCS)

5. GMLS Mk 26 or VLS Mk 41

6. Standard Guided Missile

7. AEGIS Display System (ADS)

8. Operational Readiness Test System (ORTS)

9. AEGIS Combat Training System (ACTS)

Figure 10-10.-AEGIS weapon system Mk 7 major elements.

Of the nine elements, seven have sophisticated computer programs for operation, control, and interface. These are the AN/SPY-1, C&D, WCS, FCS, ADS, ORTS, and ACTS. Operators manage and control the C&D, WCS, and SPY programs with doctrine statements. These statements allow the operator to define parameters that control the computer program for the tactical situation. Doctrine statements define automatic actions for targets meeting specific conditions.

A general description of each of the major elements of the AEGIS weapon system is offered here. The Standard missile and both launchers will not be covered.


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