Quantcast Explosion Hazard

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Explosion Hazard

Do not take naked lights, matches, or other flame-producing apparatus into a compartment containing explosives. Smoking is not permitted at any time within these compartments.

Moving Equipment Hazard

When troubleshooting, shut down the power-drive motors of equipment not involved in the malfunction or casualty. After locating a fault, shut down all power-drive motors; then proceed with corrective actions.

Launcher Area Hazard

Ensure that the safety observer's safety switch (or deadman's key) is installed before entering the training area/circle of the launcher. Do not leave the switch unattended.

Unauthorized Panel Operation

Do not allow unqualified or unauthorized personnel to operate the control panels. Trainees or other persons undergoing instruction will operate panels under the strict personal supervision of a qualified and responsible operator.

Servicing, Adjusting Hazard

Do not reach into any equipment or enter the magazine structure to service or adjust components except with someone who can give first aid.


Specific safety precautions and warnings appear twice in a GMLS OP. They are stated near the equipment description or operating procedure to which they apply. They are also repeated in the second part of the safety summary for emphasis.

We will not attempt to list every specific safety precaution. The warnings given in the following paragraphs, however, can generally be applied to all the GMLSs.

Warning bells or horns will be sounded to alert all personnel of impending equipment movement. This movement could happen at any time. Do not start the power-drive motors without clearance from the safety observer. Verify all personnel and equipment are clear before moving the launcher.

Remove and retain safety switch handles or keys. That prevents the power-drive motors from being started when you are working on or around power-operated equipment. The launching system must be deactivated before personnel are permitted to fold missile fins inside the launcher area.

If a missile is on the guide arm, do not retract the aft-motion latch unless the hoist pawl is in 'full engagement with the aft missile shoe. Personnel must not pass or crawl through an open blast or magazine door with the system energized. Observing the clinometer, jettison on the down roll.


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