Quantcast 5-Cell Strikedown Module

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The 5-Cell Strikedown Module Mk 3 Mod 0 (fig. 7-47) consists of the deck structure, the intermediate structure, the base structure, and the strikedown

Figure 7-46.-Module structure.

Figure 7-47.-5-Ce11 Strikedown Module Mk 3 Mod 0.

equipment. The major subassembliess are common to the 8-cell module.

The deck structure consists of 5-cell hatches, 1 uptake hatch, and 1 elevator hatch. The strikedown module related equipment is the same as that for the 8-cell modules, except the elevator hatch replaces cell hatches 6 through 8.

The intermediate structure is the same as that of the 8-cell module, except that the elevator extension structure is part of the outboard structure. The intermediate structure holds four cells on one side of the module-the fifth cell, the elevator, and the crane assembly are on the other side of the module.

The base structure is the same as that for the 8-celI module, except that the area containing cells 6 through 8 on an 8-cell module are replaced by the elevator and crane in the 5-cell strikedown module. There are no cell openings in the plenum at cells 6 through 8.

The strikedown equipment consists of a crane, an elevator, an elevator control panel, an elevator power distribution panel, and a junction box (see fig. 7-47). The crane is a hydraulic expendable boom that is stored below deck. The elevator raises and lowers the crane on its platform by means of a three-stage telescoping hydraulic cylinder, controlled by the elevator control panel. The elevator power distribution panel and junction box provides 440 VAC, 60-Hz, three-phase power to the hydraulic power supply.


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