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The inside rear of the panel case (fig. 5-65 and table 5-17) contains four rows of circuit cards, the train and elevation servo amplifier, the electronic components housing, three +5 VDC power supplies, two time delay

relays, two transformers, two fans, three SCRs, two fuseholders, and a synchro control assembly. The electronic components housing contains six circuit cards and, behind the lockbox door, two toggle switches

Figure 5-65.-Control panel EP2 (inside rear) (sheet 2 of 2).

Table 5-17.-Control Panel EP2 (Inside Rear)

Table 5-17.-Control Panel EP2 (Inside Rear)-Continued

Table 5-17.-Control Panel EP2 (Inside Rear)-Continued

Figure 5-66.-Control panel EP2 (inside front).

(fig. 5-65, sheet 2). The inside front of the panel case backplane, 18 terminal boards, a fuseholder, and two (fig. 5-66 and table 5-18) has a covered wire-wrap transformers,

Table 5-18.-Control Panel EP2 (Inside Front)


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