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The barrel cooling control panel (fig. 5-44) is located on a bulkhead in the ammunition handling

Figure 5-44.-Barrel cooling control panel.

room. Figure 5-45 shows the interior components of the barrel cooling control panel. Table 5-11 provides a brief description of the use or function of these components in the control system.

This panel controls the flow of water to cool and flush the gun barrel. Both salt water from the ships firemain and fresh water from the ships supply are connected to the panel for delivery to the gun barrel water jacket. The flow of salt water cools the barrel during firing; fresh water flushes the barrel cooling system after firing to prevent excessive saltwater corrosion.


The anti-icing system uses thermostatically controlled heating elements. These heating elements allow the gun mount to continue to operate when the abovedeck temperature is as low as -40C. The heat prevents ice formation from interfering with train and elevation movements. The anti-icing system consists

Figure 5-45.-Barrel cooling control panel-inside cover.

Table 5-11.-Barrel Cooling Control Panel (Inside Cover)

of seven heating elements-one for train and six for elevation.

The heating element for train is mounted on the outside of the water shield. The controlling thermostat is beneath the outer ring of the roller path assembly. The six heating elements for elevation are on the inner surface of the gun port shield. The thermostat is mounted in the gun port shield above and to the left of the barrel. The heating elements for both train and elevation receive power from junction box 1JB1 (fig. 5-46, Mod 0 gun mount; fig. 5-47, Mod 1 gun mount).

Junction box 1JB1 is located in the ammunition handling room. It distributes 440 VAC power (60 Hz for Mod 0 gun mount, 400 Hz for Mod 1 gun mount) to the train heating element via the train anti-icing junction box assembly 1JB2. Junction box 1JB1 distributes power to the elevation heating elements via the slip ring assembly and elevation anti-icing junction box assembly 3JB2. Junction box 1JB2 is located abovedeck on the underside of the water shield; 3JB2 is located on the right side of the slide forward of the trunnion.

Figure 5-46.-Junction box 1JB1 (Mod 0 gun mount).

Figure 5-47.-Junction box 1JB1 (Mod 1 gun mount).

The components of 1JB1 are a transformer, a rectifier, four relays and associated diodes (two relays in Mod 1), four fuses and fuse-blown indicators, and four cable connectors. An indicating lamp and the fuse-blown indicators are mounted on the cover to permit quick verification of the operational status of the anti-icing system.


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