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Inside Bottom Compartment

The bottom compartment of the GCP (fig. 5-32) is also protected by a cover plate secured with cap screws. With the cover removed, access is provided to the components listed in table 5-6.

Table 5-6.-Inside Bottom Compartment of GCP

Table 5-8.-Connector Jack J12 Test Points

Right Side

The right side of the GCP (fig. 5-33) contains 10 test points behind a protective plate, 10 connector jacks, and a ground connection. Table 5-7 is a list of the test points and connectors. Table 5-8 lists connector jack J12 test points.

Figure 5-33.-Right side of GCP.

Table 5-7.-Right Side of GCP

Table 5-9.-Left Side of GCP

Left Side

For the Mod 0, the left side of the GCP (fig. 5-34) contains nine connector jacks-the Mod 1 contains 12 connector jacks. Table 5-9 lists the connectors for Mod 0 and Mod 1.


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