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The following sections describe the various tags and the applications required to be used from time to time.

Danger Tag

A danger tag is a RED tag fig. 1-2 used to prohibit the operation of equipment that could jeopardize the safety of personnel or endanger equipment. Under no circumstances should equipment be operated when tagged with DANGER tags.

Caution Tag

A caution tag is a YELLOW tag fig. 1-3 used as a precautionary measure to provide temporary special instructions or to indicate that unusual caution must be exercised to operate equipment. These instructions must give the specific reason that the tag was installed. The use of such phrases as DO NOT OPERATE WITHOUT EOOW PERMISSION is NOT APPROPRIATE since equipment or systems are not operated unless permission has been granted by responsible authority. A CAUTION tag is NOT used any time personnel or equipment can be endangered while performing evolutions using normal operating procedures; a DANGER tag is used in this case.

Figure 1-4.-Out-of-commission label (colored red).

Out-of-Commission Labels

Out-of-commission labels are RED labels fig. 1-4 used to identify instruments that do not work properly because they are defective or isolated from the system. This indicates the instrument cannot be relied on and must be repaired and recalibrated, or be reconnected to the system before use.

Out-of-Calibration Labels

Out-of-calibration labels are ORANGE labels fig 1-5 used to identify instruments that are out of calibration and may not work properly. This label indicates the instrument may be used for system operation only with extreme caution.


The tag-out log is kept in a designated space, usually CCS. Supervisory watch standers review the log during watch relief. Active tag-outs are spot checked periodically to ensure tag integrity is being maintained.

An audit of the tag-out log is conducted by the EDO every 2 weeks while in port, prior to getting under way, and weekly if in the yards or at a maintenance availability. Results of the audit are reported to the engineer officer.

Figure 1-5.-Out-of-calibration label (colored orange).

To ensure that tag-out procedures are enforced properly, the engineer officer checks the log frequently, noting any errors and bringing them to the attention of the proper personnel.


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