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Equipment used in the cleaning, drying, and pressing of clothing includes washers, extractors, dryers, dry-cleaning machines, and various types of presses.

Most of the maintenance associated with this equipment is concerned with inspecting and lubricating the various parts.

Most laundry equipment is equipped with a number of safety devices. For example, air-operated presses are equipped with two operating valves for the safety of personnel. The arrangement is such that the operator must use both hands to close the press. In this way, the hands of the operator cannot be caught in the press. In no case shall either of these valves be bypassed or permanently left open. Disabled safety devices can result in shipboard fires, damage to equipment, damage to clothing and, in many cases, personnel injuries. Special attention must be given to these safety devices during preventive and corrective maintenance with extra special attention given to those devices designed to protect equipment operators.


On diesel-driven ships, auxiliary boilers are used to supply steam for distilling plants and space heating and to heat water, for use in the galley and laundry. These boilers are equipped with all auxiliaries, accessories, and controls to operate as complete, self-contained steam-generating plants. (See fig. 18-11.)

Figure 18-11.-Left front view of auxiliary boiler.

Figure 18-12.-Fire-tube auxiliary boiler (cutaway view).


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