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Because of the importance of lubricating oils to the reliability and operating life of machinery, the Lube Oil Quality Management Program was established. The policies of this program have been set forth in the form of an instruction.

Although the procedures of the program may vary from place to place, the objectives are the same. Some of the major points are as follows:

1. How often you should take samples

2. What equipment you should use to take samples

3. The types of tests you must perform on the samples

4. The required logs and records you must maintain

5. The actions you should take based on the tests

The Navy Oil Analysis Program (NOAP) provides spectrographic analyses of your ship’s lube oil at a designated laboratory. This program serves to detect accelerated wear in machinery. Oil testing is performed without disassembly of the machinery and the results of the tests are available long before any other trouble is indicated. Lube oil samples are submitted to the laboratory for examination on a periodic basis. The testing activity advises the ship of the test results and provides recommendations. The ship is then responsible for maintaining accurate records of operating hours after major overhauls, oil changes, and completed repairs.

For additional information on the required shipboard tests and procedures you must use to maintain the quality of lubricating oils, refer to the Naval Ships’ Technical Manual, chapter 262.


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