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Navy specifications have been drawn to cover the several grades of lubricating greases. The grades most common in use in engine rooms are ball and roller bearing grease and extreme pressure grease.

Ball and Roller Bearing Grease (MIL-G-24508)

Ball and roller bearing grease is for general use in equipment designated to operate at temperatures up to 300F. For temperature applications above 300F, high-temperature, electric-motor, ball and roller bearing grease (MIL-L-15719) must be used.

Extreme Pressure Grease (MIL-G-17740)

Extreme pressure grease has antirust properties and is suitable for lubrication of semienclosed gears, or any sliding or rolling metal surfaces where the load may be high and where the equipment may be exposed to salt spray or moisture. It is intended for use in temperature ranges within 0 to 140F.

Graphite Grease (VV-G-671)

Graphite grease may be applied with com-pression grease cups to bearings operating at temperatures that do not exceed 150F. The three grades of graphite grease are as follows:

Grade 1 Soft For light pressures and high speeds

Grade 2 Medium For medium pressures and medium speeds

Grade 3 Medium Hard For high pressures and slow speeds


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