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In machining operations, always keep safety in mind, no matter how important the job is or how well you know the machine you are operating.

Listed here are some safety precautions that you MUST follow:

1. Before starting any lathe operations, always prepare yourself by rolling up your shirt sleeves and removing your watch, rings, and other jewelry that might become caught while you operate the machine.

2. Wear goggles or an approved face shield at all times whenever you operate a lathe or when you are near a lathe that is being operated.

3. Be sure the work area is clear of obstructions that you might fall or trip over.

4. Keep the deck area around your machine clear of oil or grease to prevent the possibility of slipping or falling into the machine.

5. Always use assistance when handling large workpieces or large chucks.

6. NEVER remove chips with your bare hands. Use a stick or brush, and always stop the machine.

7. Always secure power to the machine when you take measurements or make adjustments to the chuck.

8. Be attentive, not only to the operation of your machine, but also to events going on around it. NEVER permit skylarking in the area.

9. Should it become necessary to operate the lathe while the ship is underway, be especially safety conscious. (Machines should be operated ONLY in relatively calm seas.)

10. Be alert to the location of the cutting tool while you take measurements or make adjustments.

11. Always observe the specific safety precautions posted for the machine you are operating.


In this chapter, you have learned the principal parts, the attachments and accessories, the uses and the basic operation of the engine lathe. Additionally, you have learned the basic operational safety precautions. For additional information on the operation of the engine lathes, refer to Machinery Repairman 3 & 2, NAVEDTRA 10530-E1.


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