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Drawing title. In the space provided for the drawing title, the general project and the specific features shown on the drawing should be included.

Example 1:

Example 2:

The general project (RESTROOM FACILITIES, SEABEE PARK, in example 1) once entered in the title block of sheet 1, is not to be repeated on each sheet of a set of multiple-project drawings. Example 2 is the title taken from the title block of a drawing contained in NAVFAC P-272, Definitive Designs for Naval Shore Facilities. In this example the general project or common title, DEFINITIVE DRAWING, appears as the top line title on all drawings in NAVFAC P-272. This block is optional for continuation sheets. Preparing activity. This space is reserved for the name and location of the activity preparing the drawing. In addition, the words DEPART-MENT OF THE NAVY are placed in this space.

This block is optional for continuation sheets. The information placed in spaces and (fig 3-16) varies with each command and the

Figure 3-19.-Examples of title blocks used on drawings prepared by Naval Construction Battalion and Naval Construction Regiment.

purpose of the drawing (fig. 3-19). One space is usually reserved for the signature of (APPROVED BY) your commanding officer or officer in charge, and the other space is for the signature of the commander of the activity or command requiring the drawing (SATISFAC-TORY TO). As shown in the examples in figure 3-19, these two spaces may be used inter-changeably. This is acceptable as long as consistency is maintained. It is also acceptable to use only space when a SATISFACTORY TO space is not required for the drawing, as shown on the NAVFAC title blocks in figures 3-20 and 3-21. In this case the space is extended upward or the space may be extended down-ward if additional space is required. These blocks, if not required, may be absorbed into block far continuation sheets or used for other purposes.

Code identification number. The federal supply code for manufacturers (FSCM) is a five-digit number used to identify the government design activity; that is, the activity having responsibility for the design of an item. For most of your drawings, NAVFAC has the ultimate design responsibility. Therefore, the identification number "80091" is to appear in the title block of all NAVFACENGCOM drawings. You may choose to use either "FSCM" or "Code 10" (the terms are interchangeable) in the title block. 

Drawing size. This space is reserved for the letter designating the drawing format size. Drawing number. If the drawing is prepared for or by NAVFACENGCOM, a NAVFAC drawing number will be assigned. Assignment of NAVFAC drawing numbers is covered in MIL-HDBK 1006/1, Policy and Procedures for Project Drawing and Specification Preparation. blank, and a local command drawing number will be placed in space . Occasionally, local title blocks require the drawing number to be placed in space . (Refer to fig. 3-19.)

Figure 3-20.-Example of a title block prepared by an activity not requiring NAVFACENGCOM approval.

Figure 3-21.-Example of a title block used on drawings prepared by NAVFACENGCOM.

Scale. This space is reserved for the scale to which the drawing is prepared. When more than one scale is used on the drawing, the words AS SHOWN or AS NOTED are entered after the word SCALE in the space . If the drawing was not to scale, the word NONE is entered.

Specification number. On drawings that are prepared for or by NAVFACENGCOM, this space is reserved for the project specifi-cation or contract number. If the drawing does not pertain to a particular project specification or contract, this space will normally be left blank.

Sheet number. On a single construction drawing, SHEET 1 of 1 will be entered in this space. For numbering of second and subsequent sheets in a multiple-sheet drawing (fig. 3-18, view C), similar drawing numbers appear in both basic and continuation sheet title blocks; however, the total sheet number is entered on sheet 1 while the specific sheet number is entered on each subsequent sheet.


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