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The following discussion deals with the basic drafting format. By basic format, we mean the title block, revision block, list of materials, and other information that must be placed on applicable size drafting sheets. Although you may find slight variations on local-command-prepared drawings, the basic format specified in MIL-HDBK-1006/1 is required on all NAV-FACENGCOM drawings.

Title Block

The primary purpose of a drawing title block is to identify a drawing. Title blocks must be uniform in size and easy to read. They may be mechanically lettered, neatly lettered freehand, or preprinted commercially on standard size drafting sheets.

Generally, the title block is placed in the lower right-hand corner of the drawing sheet, regardless of the size of the drawing (except for vertical title block). There are three sizes of title blocks: a block used for A-, B-, C-, and G-size drawings (fig. 3-15), a slightly larger block for D-, E-, F-, H-, J-, and K-size drawings (fig. 3-16), and a

Figure 3-16.-Preparing title block for D-, E-, F-, H-, J-, and K-size drawings.

Figure 3-17.-Example of vertical title block prepared by NAVFACENGCOM.

vertical title block (fig. 3-17). The vertical title block format must be used for all 22-in. by 34-in. (D-size) drawings and is optional for 28-in. by 40-in. (F-size) drawings. In a multiple-sheet drawing, either the basic title block or a "continuation sheet title block" format (fig. 3-18) may be used for second and subsequent sheets provided all sheets are of the same size. Certain information common to all drawings in the basic title block is optional in the continuation sheet title block.

The letter designations shown in figure 3-16 are used to locate the following title block information: Record of preparation. This information will vary with each command or activity, but will normally include the dates and the surnames of the persons concerned with the preparation of the drawing. The applicable work request number or locally assigned drawing number may also be placed in the upper prtion of this space. This block is optional for continuation sheets.


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