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Tape Repair Kit

Even though you handle the tape properly and carefully during field measurements, some tapes still break under unforeseen circumstances. During chaining operations, when the area is quite far from the base of operations, the surveyor should always be sure to have a tape repair kit (fig. 11-55) with him so that he can rejoin any broken tape in the field, or if the surveyor has brought an extra tape, he can take the broken tape back to the office to be repaired.

The tape repair kit usually contains a pair of small snips, the tape sections of proper size and graduations, a hand punch or bench punch with block, an assortment of small rivets, a pair of tweezers, a small hammer, and a small file. Before reusing a repaired tape, always compare it with an Invar or Lovar tape to check it for accuracy.


Field supplies consist principally of a variety of materials used to mark the locations of points in the field. For example, pencils, field notebooks, and spare handles for sledgehammers

Figure 11-55.-Tape repair kit.

are generally classified as field supplies. Because SEABEEs operate in so many different places and under such varied conditions, we have not tried to list in this training manual the supply requirements for every location. From your own experience and with the aid of your leading petty officer, you can easily make a list of supplies necessary for a projected survey mission. Those items generally required for a mission are described in this section.



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