Quantcast Ear Training For Musicians

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I. Rhythm

A. Metrical Stress

1. Identify

2. Select beat pattern of beat

B. Unit

1. Divided Beat

2. Subdivided beat

3. Syncopation

4. Borrowed divisions

C. Perform Rhythm

1. Count/Clap

2. Conduct/Intone

I I. Pitch

A. Clef (identify)

B. Key (identify)

C. Sing tonic and establish key

1. Sing triad

2. Sing pentachord

3. Sing tetrachords

4. Sing scale

D. Identify starting pitch

E. Identify musical elements

1. Triads

2. Pentachords

3. Tetrachords

4. Scales

5. Other structures

6. Difficult intervals

F. Perform Pitch

I I I. Performance Directions

A. Character/Tempo (metronome marks)/ tempo changes

B. Dynamics/dynamic changes

C. Other

1. Accents and articulations

2. Expression marks

3. Repeat symbols

4. Fermatas

5. Ornaments

IV. Perform

A. Rhythm

B. Pitch

C. Rhythm and Pitch

D. Rhythm, Pitch and all performance directions

ETD -1


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