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Aviation Supply Office (ASO) publications that you should become familiar with include C sections, P sections, equipment lists, and miscellaneous ASO publications and directives. Some of the most frequently used ASO publications and directives required in the technical library are covered in the following paragraphs.

Cross-Reference and Parts Listings (C and P Sections)

The C and P sections usually used in the technical library for cross-reference data are as follows:

Section Index, C0001. The Section Index, C0001, lists the titles for all ASO publications, gives brief descriptions of the contents of each section, and provides the stock numbers and latest issuance date for each section.

ASO Publication, CN-01. The Consolidated Notes for Selected Microfiche Publications of the ASO Publications, CN-01, contains descriptions of the format and contents of Sections P2300, P2310, P2330, CRIPL-01 , NAC-10, ICRL-A, ICRL-C, and Sections C0018 and C0030.

Section C0018. The Repairable Assemblies Model Code Table of Navy Aviation Materials, C0018, lists the various model codes and their respective NSNs that are shown in the ASO P2300 and P2310 sections.

Section C0030. The Packaging Data for ASO and NAVAIR Repairable, C0030, is used to assist field personnel in the proper techniques to prevent damage to RFI and retrograde materials.

List of Repairable Assemblies of Navy Aviation Materials, P2300. This section is in microfiche format and is published in two parts. Part 1, which is listed in NIIN sequence, is designed to serve as a master reference list for identifying and requisitioning repairable assemblies under COG 7R and 2V. Part 2 lists aircraft engines.

List of Supporting Repair Parts of Navy Aviation Materials, P2310. This section is in microfiche format and printed in NIIN sequence and serves as a master reference list for identifying and requisitioning all parts of replacement significance required to support repairable assemblies listed in section P2300.

Listings of Recoverability Items (SM&R Code Changes), P2320. This microfiche section contains a cumulative listing of items of which the source, maintenance, and recoverability (SM&R) codes have been changed and also items that affect funding requirements. It is an advance notice of approved changes not yet reflected in sections P2300 and P2310.

Family Group Code Cross-Reference, P2330. This microfiche section is used to identify the head of family and cross-reference the family group code to specific NSNs within the family.

Cataloging Handbook

The Cataloging Handbook, H4/H8, is a microfiche publication that contains the name, address, and CAGE code for each company that produces items used by the federal government. The CAGE is used in conjunction with a part number, an item number, a symbol, or a trade name to identify the specific manufacturer of an item.

Individual Component Repair List

The Individual Component Repair List (ICRL) is an overall statement of intermediate maintenance activity (IMA) component repair capability at aviation activities. Repair capability data is provided to the ASO by IMAs, based on items processed, past experience, and SM&R codes. The ICRL identifies fixed allowance items capable of local repair, targeted for future repair, or for which future repair is not planned. Master ICRL data is published by the ASO and distributed quarterly to all participating IMAs. Detailed explanation of policy, procedures, and format of the ICRL is outlined in NAVAIR-INST 4790.18.

Consolidated Remain-In-Place List

The Consolidated Remain-In-Place List (CRIPL) is a microfiche publication identifying those intermediate level (I-level) and depot level (D-level) repairable that are authorized to remain in an aircraft until a serviceable item is received from supply. The CRIPL consists of three parts: NIIN sequence listing, part number to NIIN listing, and a discrete listing for each type/model aircraft in NIIN sequence. The CRIPL is published on microfiche by the ASO. It is based on inputs from carriers, marine air groups (MAGs), TYCOMs, and it is screened by NAVAIR. Procedures for establishing, maintaining, and modifying items listed in the CRIPL are contained in OPNAVINST 4440.25.

ASO Publication Navy Activity Control

The ASO Publication Navy Activity Control (NAC-10) is a comprehensive index of all NAC numbers reported. It is arranged by manufacturer's part number and includes information such as description, NAC number, quantity reported, and NSN, if available. When an item is identified to an NSN by the ASO, the NSN is listed and the item is not listed in future publications of the NAC-10. The NAC-10 publication is furnished to all aviation supply activities for information and may be used in conjunction with other crossReferences. When an activity has an immediate need for an item listed in the NAC-10, the activity may submit a requisition to the activity reporting a quantity on hand.


Publications dealing primarily with the operation and maintenance of aircraft and related equipment within the Department of the Navy are issued by or under the direction of NAVAIR. NAVAIR publications that are important to the supply technical library are briefly described in the following paragraphs.

Naval Aeronautical Publications Index

The Naval Aeronautical Publications Index (NAPI) is issued in the following parts:

1. Equipment Applicability List, NA 00-500A

2. Avionics Change Cross-Reference, NA 00-500AV

3. Aircraft Application List, NA 00-500B

4. Directives Application List, NA 00-500C

5. Microfilm Cartridge Cross-Reference, NA 00-500M

6. Publications Distribution Index, NA 00-500P

7. Support Equipment Cross-Reference, NA 00-500SE

8. Airborne Weapons/Stores, Conventional/ Nuclear, Check Lists/Stores Reliability Cards/Manual, NA 01-700

9. Navy Stock List of Publications and Forms, NAVSUP P-2002

Allowance requirements registers (ARRs), allowance lists (ALs), and tables of basic allowances (TBAs) are approved by NAVAIR and published by ASO. Refer to table 1-1 for a list of common ARRs, ALs, and TBAs.

Allowance Requirements Registers

The allowance requirements registers (ARRs) list material and equipment for the purpose indicated in the register. Material listed in the ARR is normally retained in supply department stocks until required for use. The various ARRs are used as guides in establishing an Aviation Consolidated Allowance List (AVCAL) for ships, air stations, and MAGs. The AVCAL is a list of all items authorized to be carried in stock by these activities for support of aircraft and missiles.

Allowance Lists

The allowance lists (ALs) contain material and equipment for the purposes indicated in each list. The ALs are used as guides in establishing the Individual Material Readiness Lists (IMRLs). The contents of ALs include the equipment and material (both consumable and repairable) necessary to outfit and maintain units of the aeronautical organization. The ALs also identify items used with sufficient frequency to justify their issuance to all activities maintaining aircraft or equipment for which the lists are designed, and information concerning NSN, nomenclature, interchangeability, and superseded NSNs. The ALs provide detailed instructions for the application and use of each publication, as well as a table of logistic data showing the total weight and cube of all material contained in the list.

Tables of Basic Allowances

The tables of basic allowances (TBAs) are listings of equipment and material required for performance of specific missions, They contain both shop equipment and common supporting spare parts and include allowances of tools and material required for the use of such activities as fleet marine force (FMF) squadrons, guided missile activities, and drone-type activities,


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