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RECEIPT DOCUMENTS.- To effect proper distribution of documents and material under Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP), the receiving function should obtain the following documents, as applicable:

l Memorandum copies of Transportation Control and Movement Document (TCMD), government bill of lading (GBL), or other transportation documents should be received with the shipment (or received in advance of the shipment) depending upon the mode of shipment of the material.

l One copy of each applicable DD Form 1348-1 or DD Form 1348-1A, except on parcel post shipments. 'Ibis document keys the individual items to the total shipment and is normally attached to the GBL or TCMD. For truckload receipts, these documents (both the DD Form 1348-1, DD Form 1348-1A, and the GBL or TCMD) are normally received as a package.

l Three copies of the DD Form 1348-1 or DD Form 1348-1A should be attached to containers in waterproof envelopes. For parcel post receipts, these copies may be inside the shipping container, depending on the size and type of the shipping container.

ROUTING SIGNALS.- To provide for the proper internal routing and control of material receipts and to determine the ultimate distribution of the DD Form 1348-1 or DD Form 1348-1A copies by receipt control, receiving personnel may use rubber stamps for identifying receipt documents. These are the Storage, Preposting, Transshipment, and Direct Delivery stamps.

DETERMINATION OF DISPOSITION.- The method for determining internal distribution of incoming receipts, using standard receipt documentation, is to review the entry of items such as the unit identification code (UIC), serial number, project code, and supplementary address. These entries are used to determine if the material receipts are for stock or DTO. You can determine the disposition of material received by the following data:

l The paperwork of the material destined for stock will contain the UIC of the supply activity. The serial in the document number block is unique and used only for requesting stock replenishment.

l The receipt document for DTO will contain a document number assigned to that particular activity only. The receipt document of material for the shop/department under the same command as the receiving activity will contain the same UIC as the receiving activity.

l The receipt document for material for DTO to a supported squadron or activity will contain the UIC of the dependent activity. The activity's UIC is printed in the top line of the document under the caption Requisitioner and the UIC of the receiving supply activity is printed under the caption Supplementary Address.

Distribution of Receipt Documents and Material

The movement of stock receipts direct from the receiving area to the storage area depends upon the knowledge of the established storage positioning plan for the material concerned. Some activities position stocks by federal group and class, others by cognizance symbol and by federal group and/or class within the cognizance symbol.

CHECKING RECEIPTS.- Upon receipt of material, receiving personnel use the documents received with the material, or from the receipt control when such documents were received in advance of the carrier, to check and make disposition of the documents and material. The following actions are performed:

Assign a receiving person to check the material.

Verify the shipment as to number of containers actually received and compare with the total number specified on the transportation document.

Initial and date the transportation document to certify receipt of material. When loss, damage, overage or other discrepancies exist, action should be taken according to procedures in the NAVSUP Publication 1, Volume 2, chapter 3. Additional information on reporting discrepancies is covered in the Report of Discrepancy (ROD) Manual, NAVSUPINST 4440.179, and Reporting of Transportation Discrepancies in Shipment, NAVSUPINST 4610.33. . Remove all three of the outside packing copies of the DD Form 1348-1 or DD Form 1348-1A attached to the containers except those intended for further delivery (DTO or transshipment).

. In block 7 of the DD Form 1348-1, enter the checker's initials and date when material was physically checked. Enter any exceptions in blocks BB or CC. On the DD Form 1348-1A, enter the information on the RECEIVED BY AND DATE block located in the middle part of the right-hand side.

l When a narcotic or controlled drug (item assigned pilferage code R or Special Material Content Code A) is received, a copy of the receiving invoice is furnished to the senior member of the local controlled medicinal inventory board.

DISPOSITION OF MATERIAL AND DOCU-MENTS.- The disposition of material and documents for the various categories of receipts is as follows:

. Stock material. Stamp one copy of the DD Form 1348-1 or DD Form 1348-1A Storage and one copy Preposting. Attach the storage copy to the material involved and forward to the appropriate storage area. Forward the preposting copy, the extra copy removed from the container, the advance copy received with or related to the transportation document, and the copy of the transportation document, if available, to receipt control for further processing.

. DTO to a work center or department. Stamp Direct Delivery on all copies of the DD Form 1348-1 or DD Form 1348-1A (three copies removed from the material and one received with the related transportation document). Forward material to the work center or department identified in the supplementary address field of the receipt document, using one copy of the DD Form 1348-1 or DD Form 1348-1A as the delivery document. When a work center or department is not identified on the receipt document, request delivery instructions from receipt control.

l Deliveries to a dependent activity. When the name of the dependent activity is not shown on the DTO DD Form 1348-1 or DD Form 1348-1 A, obtain in-the-clear address from the transportation document, if available, or from the DOD Activity Address Directory, DOD 4000.25-D, and insert in block B of DD Form 1348-1. If the receipt document is DD Form 1348-1A, insert the activity's name in the ship to block located in the upper right-hand comer. Stamp Direct Delivery on all copies of the receipt documents. Forward the material with two copies of the receipt documents to the appropriate delivery or shipment section. Mark the copy of the transportation document, if available, to indicate disposition of the material and forward with the remaining copy (copies) of the DD Form 1348-1 or DD Form 1348-1A to receipt control for further processing.


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